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  • You’re a high achieving CEO, you’ve always been successful and know you always will be but want more overall peace and presence in your business and life
  • You’ve generated revenue and desire to continue to grow without the hustle. You ready to transform the WAY you work, earn, lead.
  • You know the strategies - heck, you probably teach them. You’re strategic in nature just sometimes second guess them but want deeper support managing your mind and calming your nervous system.
  • You lead yourself. You don’t want hand holding or daily accountability but rather someone to hold great space or call you on it when you’re playing small.

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When completing your application, please be as detailed as possible, to help me evaluate how I can support you and if you’re a great fit for private coaching. In my private 1:1 container I work with high achievers to work 10 hours less without anxiety.

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This experience is offered as a  6 month  or 3 month commitment. The 6 month commitment totals $15,000 (monthly payment plans available). The 3 month commitment totals $9,000 (monthly payment plans available). Are you ready financially and energetically to make the investment to work together?

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What do you feel needs to happen in your business in order to grow beyond your projected revenue this year? 

What are your top 3 goals for the next 6 months? (this container is 75% mindset + and somatic nervous system re-wiring work with 25% strategy).

Which aspects of your business currently bring you stress and overwhelm?

What are the top areas where you want support?
(the core topics I cover are: re-wire your nervous system for peace + presence while juggling a successful business, anxiety + overwhelm, high-level marketing + sales, offer auditing, shifting your energy, creating a life-first business that you’re obsessed with while working less):

What income level is your business currently projected to hit this year? (a range is fine!)

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