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A 4 MONTH JOURNEY to work 10 hours less without anxiety


make business feel easier!
Shift your working and earning paradigm from hustle to fun and ease

Heal  the Hustle

Next round in 2023!


Not one that you’ll find in another business or marketing course. 


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This is *NOT* a how-to business program. Although it will help with your marketing and sales. 

Understand your Nervous SysteM, how it’s impacting your business and how to shift it 

Re-wire your Nervous system for peace and ease by Healing the Root Cause so you can stop burning out + feeling overwhelmed

Increase capacity for continual clients and joy 




Join me to master




Shift your energy

Bounce back from the entrepreneurial rollercoaster

Hold MORE - $, clients, joy, and a full life

The future of your business depends on your ability to…

You cannot create, innovate or serve from a place of dysregulation + depletion. 

- Leah (Hormone coach)

"I was already scaling when I signed back on to work with Cara, but the biggest thing I have gained is so much more peace.

I have learned tools to rewire my thoughts when I start to spiral. I have learned to outsource so I can actually take time off. My biggest win has been learning to trust that it's okay to have people help me! 
I have also been able to handle negativity on socials better. It is still triggering, but I'm able to step back and come back without it affecting my life.

I'm able to take myself out of the weeds a bit more with my clients and serve them better, I am able to hold space for them better without it affecting my emotions as much."

so much more peace

- Emily (Marketing consultant + Mentor)

"My time being coached and mentored by Cara was one of the most transformative of my life. It was so much more than refining my business, it was soul deep work that acted as a catalyst to the next great season of my life.

Before working with Cara I would wake up almost daily with crippling anxiety unsettled about the day and work that was ahead of me. Cara coached me through the thoughts that were producing this anxiety and provided me the tools to get clarity and ultimately more peace of mind. Working with Cara offered me daily practical resources and advice while also helped me get to the root of what was really holding me back from my next level. I cannot recommend Cara enough. She is the real deal! "

Where do I even begin?!

Clients Testimonials

I know what it’s like to juggle it all.

I was the juggling queen (or so I thought). A multiple 6-figure business coach while juggling my LinkedIn consulting career, 100s of clients around the world and living abroad in Australia. I knew how to hustle! And frankly, so did my clients. They were growing at rapid speed. They knew how to PUSH, too. But for many…that came with anxiety and overwhelm too that we all thought was just the cost of doing business.

The money was rolling in and I felt on top of the world, constantly running from meeting to meeting, voxering clients in between. Until one day, my chronic illness became too much - and I crashed and burned. I could no longer operate with the level of intensity and energy that I once did. To be real, I could barely operate at all.

The burnout bottom.

I bounced from anxious + overwhelmed to little to no energy and could barely get out of bed. So, I went on a journey to heal myself. I became a trauma-informed certified coach, took numerous nervous system courses to learn the modalities that worked for me and my 6/7 fig clients, and also became certified by the one and only Life Coach School. OK I guess I did more than I thought during my down time;)

By doing this, I healed my anxiety, found more peace + joy than I ever had in my entire life and learned how to work + earn without hustling.



Hi, I’m Cara - a Nervous System Business Coach 

Meet your Coach

And this is what I want for you…because if it costs you your peace, it’s not worth it. 

Everything triggers you - from missed payments, to client results, to people saying "yes" but you keep checking your DMs like a mad women, to team members, the IG algorithm.. yet you can't stop scrolling even though you promised yourself that you will - all causing you to constantly feel overwhelmed and anxious.

You worry about a lot more than you let on to - what others think, especially your clients "do they like me? are they mad at me at me? I need to do more to help them get better results" You like things to be perfect and have control.

You know how to push REALLY hard, especially around launch time but your anxiety is off the charts and by the end of the week you're exhausted, fatigued and experience brain fog. By the end of a launch you want to disappear and tend to hide from social media for weeks. 

You always get things done but after you've procrastinated and waited until the very last minute, like you cannot work without pressure, stress and urgency - and it's starting to have an impact on your health.

You're "stuck" and can't reach the next income level despite knowing all the things OR you're still growing but can't do it without overwhelm or anxiety 

Sometimes it feels like your business is costing you your happiness, joy + relationships. You know you should take evenings and weekends off, but you can't seem to "turn off" even when you do have down time - you don't know how to relax. But, when you go on vacation and *finally* relax right before the trip is almost over you have a million ideas! But, upon returning to work you implement none because you're too overwhelmed and frozen

You secretly get annoyed when clients ask certain questions, snap at your team or kids and feel guilty after

No matter how much you work and earn you worry that it’ll all go away. You think you must work harder and faster NOW. Thoughts like “there’s never enough” or “once I have X, then I’ll feel safe and slow down.” But that day never comes

You second guess yourself (despite all of your success) compare yourself to others (again despite your success), still take course after course and then feel too "stuck" to implement 

despite your drive, it's been feeling like...

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You want to feel safe by receiving MORE but without hustling more but by learning to lead from a place of peace and regulation

You want to increase your capacity to hold MORE - more clients, money, joy but not by chasing the next goal or over giving..... by working less and feeling worthy of what you have

You want to LOVE what you do again. You've lost the spark and are yearning for more fun + when you first started!

You're craving more actual presence with your friends + family... yes of course you desire more growth, but not at the cost of your health or time with those that what matter most in life

You’ve hustled your way to success and now desire REAL peace - you're no longer available to operate from such an overwhelmed and anxious state and want to take your power back

You want IT ALL TO FEEL EASIER - think and FEEL differently about money and your business 

This is for you if:

To shift into a completely new way of working + earning (with actual ease) you need to activate and expand your Nervous System's capacity to operate differently. Your ability to truly be rich, comes from your ability to regulate yourself, period. THIS is the strategy that no one teaches you, until now. Mindset work, systems + strategy will never create this level of ease. 

Meaning, even if you’re hustling your a$$ off right now with lots of anxiety, it’s going to maintain that way of working + earning because it feels SAFE….EVEN IF all you want is peace.

Your nervous system is ALL about safety + REPETITION

Be less phased by triggers and the ups and downs of entrepreneurship so you can build your business with peace + safety 

Show up FAR more confidently + consistently-- after doing this work my clients have gone viral many times

Shift your vibe! Operate from the state that not only attracts the mosts clients but also FEELS incredible

Feel fun and peace again….because if it costs you your peace, health or joy…is it even worth it?!

break the hustle patterns and create a business + life from abundance and more flow

So you get to finally...

heal overwhelm/anxious root cause so you can market easier + spend time on client results

control + shift your nervous system state back into a place of ease + flow that's neuroscience + psychology based so you can work 10 hours less and be with your family

identify why you’ve subconsciously BEEN operating with such urgency + heal the worthiness, people pleasing, and over-achieving wounds

Identify WHY you work + earn the way that you do - root cause + heal it!

How to expand your capacity and regulate your system at any point during the day - not only helping you but also your clients! (can’t stress this enough - your systems mirror one another, if you’re stressed your clients will climb to your state!)

How to identify your current nervous system operating state

WHAT We are covering

I will be giving you practical, powerful and life-changing tools that help you re-wire how you work, earn and lead in both short and long term to establish safety, ease + peace. 

this is *not* GO do some 4-5-7 breaths. it'S tools to use in the moment + then also healing root cause for the long-term.

don't worry, I got you. Because I was you.

Trauma-informed learnings: If you love details and “the how” - we shift and heal how you work through neuroscience and psychology to include: thought work, polyvagal ladder, parts work/internal family system, boundaries and attachment styles


Somatic Tools: Over 20 tools and exercises to help you regulate your nervous system so that you can increase your peace and finally gain control over anxiety, overwhelm to step into your next level of leadership


It’s not a traditional business coaching container (where I teach you sales, marketing, etc you’ve probably been in a million of those) but what you learn will improve your business, marketing and sales!


Curriculum + Community:  I teach AND you integrate - it’s a powerful combination of you understanding why you operate in the way that you do AND how to shift it. Some weeks I will teach you concepts, other weeks you’ll be processing and integrating and I’ll be coaching. Learning in this way and group setting changed EVERYTHING for me, groups are so healing - you feel supported by community, learn from others and deeply know that you’re not alone


4 month small + Intimate container

This sounds great, what are the deets? 

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next round will be in 2023.
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Clients rocking it...


No! This is core foundational work that you need at every single level. I’ve used this with my 6 and 7 figure clients but it applies to all levels.

3 VIPs and 5 normal. 8 total, that’s it! 

The next round will be in 2023!

When will the calls be? The calls will take place Australia morning, typically 5-7PM EST.  We will have at least 3 per month*, your nervous system needs time to make the shifts, therefore, there will be some implementation time and the reason it's 4 months. 
If you cannot attend the call - no problem AT ALL! You will receive all of the training replays which is exactly what you need and have the opportunity to submit your questions. 

*holiday schedule will vary

Client Wins & Love