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The complete framework to become a high-vibe CEO that consistently magnetizes premium clients + simplifies everything else so you can finally work less, play more.

6 figures with the Anti-Burnout Method

How my clients and I have scaled to multiple

If any of these statements got you thinking, get out of my head…you’re in the right place!

While you’re grateful, everything you’ve dreamt of feels harder than it should be and it’s overwhelming and exhausting. You’ve never worked this hard…and you know how to work hard! 70% of the stuff you’re doing you hate, and it’s sucking your soul. It’s not what you signed up for. 

The sit your butt on a beach, work 3 days a week and have passive income while changing lives turned out to be more like….creating content all day, being at your client’s beckon call, sending 5 million DM’s, learning how to dance and point your fingers left, right and center on TikTok. 

The thought of having your own business felt like a dream come true, no more corporate desk, answering to the man, but why does everything feel so hard and like you’re working more than you did in your corporate career? You can’t even remember the last time you took a vacation let alone 3 days off Instagram! 

You are and have always been a high-achiever. And while it’s led to massive success in your corporate career and now online, you’re ready to take your foot off the gas a little and scale with more ease and less people pleasing. You know what it’s like to hustle and constantly second guess yourself, but are ready to unlearn these patterns!



After moving from London to Australia, I knew there had to be a better way to scale online and still experience life. That’s when I first began working on how to increase my magnetism + simplify everything - doing 5 million things was causing massive, especially for this ADHD brain! 

Yes, I started this business to have greater impact, but also more freedom and travel the world. 

I used to scroll my feed and see women screaming all of these big $100K launches being so “easy” and while it inspired me on some days, other days it triggered me. Why was I working a million hours? Why did it feel like I had to be ON all the damn time and glued to my phone? 

i get it

Which felt EXHAUSTING. I had nothing left to give. But I kept thinking, what if I could BE MORE ME, and DO LESS….get everything else off my plate that took me out of my zone of genius? What if I could SIMPLIFY everything and which would in turn allow me to MAGNETIZE the right people?

I knew the next level would require one thing…. MORE ME. 

And now I’m here to show you how to strategically and energetically create a business that feels aligned to the life you want to live without doing more through my unique methodology. 

Wow, everything I’ve learned bringing new products to market and scaling in corporate worked online, too! 

If any of these statements got you thinking, get out of my head…you’re in the right place!

Leah (hormone coach)

Before working with Cara, I made around $5,000. I felt like the low man on the totem pole, was terrified of investing at this level. And then my confidence soared. I sold out all of my launches.I 3X’d my prices, I sold out high-ticket clients. My life changed forever! 

My life changed forever! 

Or maybe you have years of corporate experience and are ready to bring it all online and grow quickly..but aren’t 100% sure where to start. You’ve always had mentors in the past and know the importance of collapsing time. 

Which leads you to ghosting on your own content creation. Instead of feeling confident, secure, and like you know what you’re actually doing, some days you feel like back at day 1 - and comparing yourself to everyone. You can’t believe this is coming back up!

Your clients have had success! You know you’re good but you don’t know how to scale and increase income without taking on more 1:1 clients. You’re already drowning in client work. You know the strategy, you’ve had success, but thinking how to simplify all of this seems a bit far off.

You probably know you need to make some major next level mindset shifts, increase your price, evergreen your offers (AKA allow people to buy from you all year), hire, etc…but maybe you keep second guessing yourself, something seems just a little off. You’ve had good months, but then your income dips and you’re inconsistent. 

Won’t get you there


You feel confident in the future by having a simple, scalable plan that doesn’t require you doing all of the things, all of the time 

You let go of all that masculine do-do-do go-go-go energy and step into a bit more feminine flow without going too woo, but wow it feels nice to become a premium client magnet by doing LESS! Dream clients are coming out of the woodwork. And you have a scalable product suite that you allows people to work with you year round

You feel ENERGIZED by life and business again. You say bye, bye to burnout and get back in the driver’s seat only doing the things that light your soul on fire, the very reason you got into this business in the first place! 

You begin doing less, and having more impact without trading time for money and bringing on more 1:1 clients 

You have a business that doesn’t require you being glued to your Instagram, dancing around…yet you still surpass your income goals 

STAY in your zone of genius: 

your core desires with space for you to 

Imagine a business that feels aligned to





We will mix energetics, mindset and strategy to get your vibing high to becoming the most magnetic version of yourself so you can consistently attract premium clients 

You will stop doing soul sucking stuff because there’s no faster way to reach burnout than this! We will find ways to create space in your day and business to get you back doing the stuff that lights you up and why you started this in the first place

You will further unlock your experts skills and visibility by doubling down on your brilliance by having a simple, scalable business model that supports the life that you want to live! 

You’ll get the support needed to thrive in your service-based business with a business model that supports your lifestyle without burnout. It’s designed for high-achievers who love strategy, know strategy but need to get out of their own way to serve millions and scale to multiple 6 and 7 figures. 

It offers a unique blend of our signature methodology with 1:1 support, accountability, action plans, and the community you crave to create an abundant lifestyle YOUR WAY that isn’t focused on only your business, because you’re over your business consuming your life. 


The Magnetize    Simplify™ Mastermind 


By implementing what you’ll learn inside the mastermind, you’ll create a simplified business model that YOU run, not the other way around! You’ll scale beyond 6-figures with ease, simplicity and energy! YOUR WAY. 

Because I’ll tell you one thing — as you grow online the #1 thing for you to protect above all else is YOUR ENERGY. And that means no longer doing anything that sucks your soul or gets you out of alignment. 

business that feels fun    energizing!  

It’s time for you to have an online  


My most recent launch was my biggest yet, with the LEAST amount of stress. Her guidance has helped me shift my mindset to a place where I’m finally ready to truly scale, and we’ve now outlined a plan that will see my business grow another 3-4x+ without my being a slave to it. 
Cara is a sales and marketing genius, whose ability to pull out your gifts will change your business and life in the most amazing ways. If you’re looking for a coach to take you to the next level, look no further.”

“Before working with Cara, my business had been stagnant for about 3 years. In the last 5 months, she’s helped me double my prices in a way that feels aligned, and allows me to sell with confidence & integrity.



The Magnetize     Simplify Mastermind ™ is designed for online serviced-based entrepreneurs who want to do things differently, their way, but without working a million hours. 

Hitting multiple 6-figures with ease feels like a dream. You can visualize reaching the income goals but not without working a million hours and burning out your adrenals. You think…is it even worth it? 

Your offers don’t feel scalable. There’s no way you can scale with your current offerings + support system (or lack thereof) without sacrificing sleep or a social life.

Something feels a little “off.” You’ve had success, your clients have as well but you’re lacking confidence to truly take it to the next level and keep going at this pace.

Your drowning! Your time is already maxed. Client work and life leaves you with very little time to focus on the business building activities you know are necessary, but you can’t quite bring yourself to learn another platform (AKA dancing on TikTok) as you barely have time to be consistent on Instagram. 

You want to do things differently! You’ve purchased the scripts, know the day-to-day strategies but want to step into being a thought leader and truly showcasing your expertise at the next level. 

You desperately need SUPPORT. For your mind and yourself! The space and support so that you can show up high-vibe and create the items that only YOU can create! The stuff that used to light you up but are now so bogged down with the daily grind you forget what that was like. 

You’re determined to build a business that supports your lifestyle. You want to feel abundant with money. YOUR WAY, YOUR TERMS with a sales and marketing process that feels FULLY YOU, that attract dream clients without bro marketing or hard pitching. Alignment + integrity are your core operating principles. 



Consistent client work but only with dream clients - it’s not even worth it to work with clients who suck your energy. Working with high vibe people is most important for you. 

Support - you know the ongoing mindset support + personal development is imperative to keep you magnetic and high vibe. You also need the systems, processes and team support to help you stay in your brilliance.  

Ways to optimize your current strategies - while you know a lot of the strategy, you know there are ways to optimize for growth. This includes strategy tweaks, and letting go of things and people no longer serving and making investments around teammates to support your future.

Simplification, doing less but having a bigger impact. 

More play! You’ve spent many years working your way to the top so sacrificing your old salary is not an option. You know this requires letting go of control, but no one can do it as good as you. But you’re determined to enjoy life and downtime.

Hitting multiple 6-figures but not at the cost of your health or sanity. Doing things your way, in a sustainable way that FEELS GOOD is your number one priority. If you want to get a coffee in the middle of the day you will do it dammit! And sip it slowly. 

A high-ticket scalable suite that bring people into your world year round. 

Rose Mary, Spiritual + Mindset Coach

Once I finished it, I got more than I ever imagined. I hired a team member who helps SO MUCH, and I have a community of sisters who are the most supportive, there’s no drama regardless of what level you’re at!! We still talk, collaborate, and I have the tools, strategies and mindset keep scaling for now and in the future. 

I wanted 3 things in this mastermind: accountability, community and how to scale.



When you enroll in the mastermind, you’ll receive everything you need to take your business and life to the next level. We include a signature mix of strategic business training, 1:1 coaching, community support, and the deep work necessary to get out of your own way and surpass your income + life goals.

Mastermind is unique!  

The Magnetize     Simplify 



While I hail from the U.S., I recently moved to Sydney, Australia after spending 3.5 years in London. I’m fueled by travel, strong coffee, and bringing global communities together. When I’m not geeking out over personal development and strategizing new game plans for clients, you can find me at the pool overlooking the ocean (if you haven’t heard of Icebergs…google it!) 

I have over a decade of experience in international marketing and consulting and have built a multiple six figure business while juggling my demanding high-profile career at a billion dollar tech company, and traveling to 1-2 new countries a month (when we could!). I’m the go-to expert in all things confidence, clarity, consistency and selling online, and have helped 100’s of women -just like you, start, grow and scale their business to 6 and 7 figures. 

Im Cara Barone, a multi 6 figure business mentor and coach for high-performing women who want to create a thriving business YOUR WAY without sacrificing the reason you started this - to make an impact and create a lifestyle of freedom….without burnout! 

Hey there!

You might have worked with other coaches or mentors who tell exactly the step-by-step strategies that they’ve used before. And while strategy + tactics are important (and you will get them!!), you know it creates resistance and doesn’t feel good if it’s not aligned with YOUR core values, gifts and frankly how you want your life to look and feel. We align every marketing and sales strategy TO YOU because you’re different, unique and are no longer available for cookie cutter approaches. You are here to shake things up.

is like no other IMHO…   

Why this mastermind   


Streamlined support systems, review and feedback

Proven curriculum, systems, standard operating procedures 

1:1 support and coaching 

Personal development support  

Mindset and energetic coaching

High vibe community

Custom marketing + sales systems

Aligned business strategy 

 In Magnetize     Simplify Mastermind ™ you’re getting an experience that supports your life and business holistically. Because let’s be honest, it’s all integrated.

This is exactly why in the Mastermind, you get a mix of both 1:1 support, proven frameworks, guest experts and community trainings to ensure you feel both supported but also are growing with like-minded individuals. I created this specifically after years of trial and error taking group programs, having 1:1 mentoring and also being in masterminds. They never quite gave me EVERYTHING I needed from both a teaching, accountability perspective, AND community. Call me demanding, but I wanted it all!…which is why I’ve created this as a magical hybrid!

Deep down, you know that you do have all of the answers inside but sometimes you need someone to pull out your gifts and give you a gentle, but swift kick in the butt to help you dream and implement BIGGER than you’re currently operating. A mix of 1:1 mentorship and community that have faced the same obstacles as you is invaluable as your friends and family simply don’t get it, even when they have the best intentions.

You might have worked with other coaches or mentors who tell exactly the step-by-step strategies that they’ve used before. And while strategy + tactics are important (and you will get them!!), you know it creates resistance and doesn’t feel good if it’s not aligned with YOUR core values, gifts and frankly how you want your life to look and feel. We align every marketing and sales strategy TO YOU because you’re different, unique and are no longer available for cookie cutter approaches. You are here to shake things up.

you know you need support  

To get you to the next level,   

With a kick-off virtual retreat, you’ll also be getting a day to dive into both the business + magnetism strategies to ensure you develop a brand that feels fully aligned and abundant. We must mix both masucline strategy + feminine flow into your business to have things feel easier and more fun, yet super sustainable and profitable.

Here, you get the best of all worlds! Designed specifically for high-achieving women, by a high-achieving “want-it-all yesterday” woman with years of corporate scaling experience.

Nicole (Marketing Mentor) 

We are still working together and my business has blown up beyond my wildest dreams. I’ve increased my price, hired a full-time employee and have a full-blown team. It’s about so much more than business, it’s been the biggest personal development and spiritual journey of my life. You need Cara in your corner to show you your own unique brilliance and simplify your life.

In the first 6 months I worked with Cara I went from corporate marketing career to 6-figures online in 6 months!







(which we ensure your program has)

Simplify Mastermind: 5 key components  

What’s included in the Magnetize


Kick off retreat if you sign up prior to kick-off!


For ongoing questions, sharing wins and trainings with one another. Cara and team will monitor this daily. This is such a high vibe fun community! The ability to share advice and resources as you’re growing is a game changer. Trust me.

Private client-only Facebook community support


 You didn’t think I was going to have you watch modules and leave ya, did you? No way! I so strongly believe in real coaching and that it’s one of the most powerful gifts you can give to yourself as you grow. Someone who can see your blindspots and help you navigate through any limiting beliefs or strategic gap. If you can’t make it live, no problem, we have many opportunities for questions and all will be recorded and available for replay (we have 3 weeks of coaching calls and the last week of the month off for integration). 

Weekly coaching calls 


You are not cookie cutter and neither is your business. Business, marketing and sales plans will be co-created with you with ability to submit plans and receive custom feedback to ensure you feel confident to take it to market and surpass your goals.

Proprietary action plans + feedback/critiques 


9 months of access to our exclusive frameworks, training, templates, standard operating procedures and click-ups templates - to help you create an aligned and sustainable online business and brand. Below will outline the details of the framework to help you scale. X templates X hours. 

Proprietary methodology + curriculum 


I don’t believe highly motivated women need accountability but I know when they have it it takes them to the next level! It helps them filter through the noise and focus on the tasks that are required to take you beyond your wildest imagination (because let’s face it, you have a million things on your to-do list, we just need focus!) Over the 9 months, your coach will be available for weekly VOXER (voice note) check-ins so that you crush your goals and never feel like you don’t have a clear plan.

1:1 support


 exclusive program together:   

 Here’s what we’ll do inside this   

Create an aligned business that supports your lifestyle, and yes, it will require you to protect your energy above all else! This means you must act and think differently.

In my Anti-Burnout Methodology we will cover 3 phases: 

You will design 1 or 2 signature offers, double down on this and turn your program EVERGREEN - AKA - allow sales to come in all year round without stressful launch strategies.

Personal branding 2.0 - this is where you become a magnet for premium clients. What got you here will not get you there. It’s no longer about I help statements, it’s about movements and impact.

Simplify your marketing + sales strategies - monetize your brilliance through alignment marketing and sales strategies (this means you DOING LESS, BEING MORE). If you never want to get on a sales call again, cool. Different strategies will work differently for each individual. I will give you the step-by-step converting content formulas, content pillars and sales scripts if you want. OR we will pull out what makes you unique, double down on your gifts and stop doing the things that suck your soul. We also need to create your custom sales systems.

Streamlined business plan - create simple scalable offers and delivery systems in a way that GIVES you energy, not sucks it.

Business + energy audit to address what needs to change and how you can go bigger.

Not on my watch. Inside the mastermind, we have many systems in place for self and business mastery.

This is where 80% of burnout happens. Overthinking your marketing, prices, worth, words, content..which leads to overworking and people pleasing. No judgement, we’ve all been there! Then, you don’t hire because you think you’re not ready or the money doesn’t look like it’s there. You don’t implement the systems because the rest of the house is on fire.

Your energy then gets sucked, you’re doing crap you hate and your magnetism keeps getting dimmer. The never-ending cycle continues. 

Phase 1: Simple Scalable Suite 

Client attraction + delivery systems: to ensure happy, long-life clients who not only thrive inside your program but also rave about you to their friends. You will receive all of the training + systems needed for the entire client experience (onboarding, midpoint and offboarding, etc.)

Included: Systems and Click up templates for customer journey, lead management, content, sales, operations, client delivery, etc. I don’t want to overwhelm you…but we got you! 

Client attraction + delivery systems:

Phase 2: SYSTEMS   

Developing leadership skills and emotional intelligence to lead in a way that makes everyone feel good and like it’s a fun place to work!

Develop onboarding plan + goals to ensure your new hire is successful and they hit the ground running (where 90% of people go wrong and don’t understand why their VA isn’t working out) 

Identify required dream hires needed and ensure they fit your culture! How to create job descriptions, where to post, how to screen, interview, accept and reject

Trainings and exact systems, click-up templates and process that allows you to: 

It’s time to stop doing things that suck your soul and give them to someone who loves it! Even if it’s not sucking your soul, if still may not be the best use of your time as CEO. 

Here you will learn when to hire, how to hire and how to lead a team to fully support you so you can get back into your zone of genius. 

Phase 3: SUPPORT 

Important: In every phase: we are covering: High Vibe Habits. Scaling a business requires next level THINKING AND BEING. It is the greatest personal development and spiritual journey of our lives. Let’s grow and celebrate the success and failures together.


You can take the next step towards becoming a premium client magnet, simplify your workload, and stop doing stuff you hate. Grow a business you way, on your terms that supports a life of freedom and fun.


You stay where you are. Keep doing what you’re doing now - hustling, burning the midnight oil, and spending hours and even years trying to do it all and feeling overwhelmed.



We Are Currently Enrolling. Apply now to ensure your spot and save thousands of dollars this round.